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Robert Neufeld
»My mission: M&A with foresight and precision.«
Robert Neufeld combines operational leadership and M&A expertise to create sustainable growth at enomyc. His ability to strategically steer complex transactions makes him a key partner for companies in critical transition phases.
Curriculum Vitae

Robert Neufeld leverages his combination of operational leadership experience and transaction expertise to lead the M&A initiatives of companies. Since 2019, he has significantly developed the Distressed M&A department and has been responsible for the strategic expansion of the Corporate M&A business since 2023, particularly in the SME sector. His extensive industry knowledge and deep understanding of the dynamics of the M&A market significantly contribute to the growth of enomyc.

His expertise in navigating complex and emotionally charged sales processes is based on a solid background in Corporate Finance and his practical experience as a managing director in the automotive supply industry. Robert Neufeld combines psychological insight with analytical precision, making him particularly effective in assisting entrepreneurs in selling their life's work. He recognizes and addresses the actual needs of all parties involved and is regarded as a valued advisor, especially in critical transactions.

In recent years, Robert Neufeld has also shaped the international M&A team at enomyc, aiming to deepen services and establish a strong presence in the global market. His goal for the future is to further strengthen enomyc's position in the transaction business, particularly through the expansion of close partnerships with investors and SMEs.

Robert Neufeld began his career with an MBA from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, followed by operational leadership roles as a division manager and managing director in the automotive supply industry. In 2008, he switched to enomyc in the Distressed M&A area.

Achievements and Awards

TOP 100 Award | Awarded as the most innovative SME in Germany

11 consecutive times Best Business Consultants | business magazine brand eins

7 consecutive times Best Consultants for SMEs | TOP CONSULTANT, media partner Manager Magazin

Best of Consulting Award 2020 | business magazine WirtschaftsWoche