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Dr. Stefan Frings, Partner

“Consulting means living life in the fast lane.”

The consulting business entails working in a conceptional, solution-oriented way and always having an eye on the latest trends. I am constantly confronted with new business models that I need to understand very quickly and then have the opportunity to develop. I meet interesting people in the process. The particular appeal for me is that I am constantly evolving. This enables me to advise clients at a high level at all times.

I like working at enomyc. The company combines implementation-oriented consulting with the future topic of digitisation to offer an integrated consulting approach from one source. Anyone who works here benefits from a lot of freedom and extensive responsibility. If you present reasonable arguments, you can put nearly any idea into practice. In this area, enomyc is a typical medium-sized company: short decision paths, rational actions and trust are actively practiced. Colleagues are selected in line with the motto: “the nice ones from amongst the good ones”.

Thematic diversity is typical for enomyc. A team consists of lawyers, financial experts and production and procurement specialists, all working on the same topic. The consultants here offer a refreshing contrast to the usual clichés. Most of them have many years of management and consulting experience and pass on their knowledge to younger consultants.

The environment is challenging but fair. I would describe the leadership style as cooperative – everyone has the option of further developing themselves and working in new fields. Young consultants are expected to work on their professional, methodical and personal development. We actively promote this.

The digital strategy remains a major challenge for many companies. In essence, digitisation has two dimensions. On the one hand, it completely calls business models into question. On the other, digitisation harbours considerable potential in increasing efficiency. Both will be of significance in consulting projects. In this context, enomyc has also set up a future-oriented approach by offering our clients both the concept and its implementation, along the lines of “one-stop shopping”.