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Dr. Daniel Tomic, Partner

“Hardly anyone knows the mid-sized sector better than we do.”

Levin Schily
Levin Schily

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and joined the family business right after completing my studies and my PhD. As CEO and later as Chairman, I experienced all the facets of operative and strategic entrepreneurship up close.

It is my wish to share this experience. At the same time, new challenges appeal to me – especially in the mid-sized sector. That is why enomyc is just the right place for me. Here, ideas stem from a practice-based approach and processes are hands-on – the same principles that medium-sized companies follow. The executive management and leadership crew at enomyc have carried responsibility as Managing Directors or top decision-makers in the market and in medium-sized companies for many years. I believe that hardly anyone knows the mid-sized sector better than we do.

This foundation of expertise, enhanced by new digital competences, allows us to advance the topic of digital strategy in the mid-sized sector. Over the past months, we have intensively worked to improve ourselves. I think that we now have a better setup than any other consultancy focused on the mid-sized sector when it comes to the digital strategy.

Because in my view, the future will no longer be about the “big fish eating the little fish”, but instead the “quick fish eating the slow ones”. Due to our team of sneaker-wearing digital natives and experts who focus on improving performance, we can offer crucial assistance here.
I look forward to tackling this task!