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Existenzsicherung Corona

Ensure Your Company Survives the Coronavirus Crisis

Obtain Your Coronavirus Compact Report in Only 10 Days

We will establish the basis for you to obtain funding within just ten days. With our Coronavirus Compact Report, you will meet all of the documentation requirements that must be fulfilled in order to review your eligibility for loans and government assistance measures. We are familiar with the criteria your lenders use to make their decisions and prepare your documents strictly in line with them.

Your Goals

  • To avoid bankruptcy
  • To stabilize your company
  • To transition the downswing into a consolidation
  • To return to your former strength

The Requirements

  • Your business has been successful for many years and has a viable business model
  • Your company’s current situation is a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • You believe that your company will be able to survive the crisis and be successful over the long term

Three Steps to Obtaining Your Coronavirus Compact Report

  • Existenzsicherung Corona

    Discuss the list of requirements with the task force

  • Existenzsicherung Corona

    Determine your company’s funding and/or capital requirements

  • Existenzsicherung Corona

    Negotiate with your lenders and, if applicable, the federal/state government

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Existenzsicherung Corona

Eight General Recommendations

The coronavirus has also infected the economy. Until government assistance measures take effect and legal certainty exists, companies must protect themselves and act quickly – particularly small and medium-sized enterprises. In the following document, we outline the key steps that companies need to take to protect their business.

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