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Restructuring for what comes next

Restructuring in insolvency is highly stressful. We have your back and provide security. In addition, we take on responsibility in operational processes and ensure sustainable concepts with valid figures.

Our team of experts consults in the following areas:

Stabilization of business operations even under insolvency conditions

Successful business as usual during insolvency requires specialized know-how. To avoid liability risks and successfully promote restructuring for continuation, this is the only way.

Creation of liquidity plans taking into account insolvency-specific features and active liquidity management

Solid business figures provide security – especially in insolvency. We know what is required specifically and can create reliable concepts.

Efficient restructuring, even in insolvency, by assuming full or partial responsibilities

  • Operations management
  • Supply chain management
  • Sustainable customer management
  • Receivables management

Creation of business concepts for the continuation of business operations

  • as a basis for the regulations of an insolvency plan (sustainable restructuring ability, satisfaction of creditors, capital requirements)
  • as a basis for a financing decision in the context of a transferring restructuring.

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