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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Strategic business development

Exploit market opportunities or focus on core competences to create growth and increase value? Our independent and professional M&A expertise, founded on numerous transactions from companies purchases and sales, to business unit carve out and outsourcing, makes us a reliable partner in every strategic development step, for 20 years.

Our partners and consultants help companies to identify value creation through transactions for better investments decisions. And we make these strategic decisions become reality. Therefore, we can say that enomyc is a leading firm for any matters with regards to full range of M&A services, from originating and sourcing deals, to in-depth company valuation, offer preparation and contract conclusion (signing) and at last to the closing of the transaction as well as post-closing and integration.

We obviously provide all related financial advisory services thanks to a leading-edge financial team of experts.

Our team of transaction experts will advise you in the following areas:

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