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Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

Innovation, Digitalization, and Sustainability as Responses to Global Challenges.

Actually, it's a comfortable situation: Demographic changes and medical advances are continuously increasing the demand for new drugs and therapies. Despite this, the long-successful industry is increasingly under pressure.

Declining margins, expiring patents, and dependency on a few raw material suppliers are just some of the challenges currently facing mid-sized players in the industry. To secure their gross profit, many companies have relocated their production abroad. Others are opting for the opposite strategy of onshoring. But even then, securing earnings is crucial. This requires reliable supply chains, efficient processes, and stable logistics.

No matter where you start from:
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Uwe Köstens
Uwe Köstens, Managing Partner

»Innovate, digitize, act sustainably: Shape the future with us.«

For 20 years, we have been helping companies in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries become more profitable, efficient, and future-ready – whether in a crisis or because "business as usual" is no longer satisfactory.

With more than 1,300 successful projects, we rank among the leading business consultancies in Europe for Strategy & Corporate Performance and Transformation & Restructuring. Whether you are dealing with supply backlogs, looking to reduce procurement costs, or need a realistic assessment of a target ahead of an acquisition: we know how to do it. Not just in theory, but through comprehensive practical experience.

Our consultants know your industry and understand which levers are crucial. We do not shy away from presenting the unvarnished truth or implementing tough measures. Our track record confirms our approach. Let us find out together which path is the right one for you.

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