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Real Estate and Construction Industry

Real Estate and Construction Industry

We know the business. We understand real estate.
And we speak the languages of all stakeholders.

Constructed space has accompanied us since time immemorial. We spend a lot of time in spaces, moving through them daily. And we rely on them: on the ground beneath our feet, the roof over our heads, and the famous four walls around us. Whether public, semi-public, or private, buildings are living spaces. Their dimensions, layout, substance, texture, and atmosphere affect us.

Why we think this way about spaces

Because some of our real estate consultants are also experienced architects and skilled project developers. Even our lawyers and financial experts mostly have a background in real estate economics. That’s why real estate for us is much more than just economically assessing properties.

We understand real estate. And we know the business.

We see real estate as complex organisms. They involve a much more specific interaction than any other product. That's why we advise you on your property with an interdisciplinary approach. And with profound knowledge: from planning to financing and marketing.

Matias Otto
Matias Otto, Partner Hamburg

»Truly understanding real estate: Only a few do.«

Sudden, rapid, complex: The Pain Points of the Industry

Germany’s construction and real estate sector has long benefited from a golden era. That era is over. The increasing risk of insolvency and the growing need for restructuring are based on several pillars:

  • Even the pandemic fueled material shortages and supply chain disruptions.
  • Online shopping and changed work practices are leading to empty downtowns and structural adjustments in office markets.
  • Rapidly rising interest rates and construction costs are exacerbating the situation.Regulatory requirements are steadily increasing in financing, taxonomy, planning, and construction.
  • Meeting ESG criteria is urgent—alongside the integration of new technologies.
  • Acute shortages of skilled professionals and laborers are complicating the situation.

Consulting services

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Real Estate

Real estate-specific consulting and tailor-made solutions.

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Debt Advisory

Financing optimization and capital preservation for sustainable growth.

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Distressed M&A

Transaction Advisory in Crisis Situations: Clear Strategies, Successful Crisis Management.



Industry experts

Was können wir für Sie tun?

Nils Heidelk

Nils Heidelk

Director, Specialist lawyer for insolvency law

Dr. Martin Macion

Dr. Martin Macion




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