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Our Digital Quick Check casts light on your business from the offer to receipt of payment, in the process revealing the current status of your digital strategy. The use of agile corporate management methods, digital access, seamless networking with suppliers: we evaluate the existing technical and strategic state of affairs and compare it with best-in-class approaches. On this basis we compile digital roadmaps featuring concrete plans of action designed to establish clear competitive advantages in the digital future.

Our approach:

Assessing the degree of digital maturity

We work with our customers, applying a four-stage maturity model, to assess all relevant areas of the company, from strategy through sales to logistics, and rate them on a scale of 1, = unaware, to 4, = best in class.

Compiling a digital roadmap

Based on this maturity rating we derive recommendations for action which we compile as a catalogue of measures making up a digital roadmap.

Support with targeted implementation

We assist in implementing the roadmap and train our customers’ personnel to ensure its long-term continuity.

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