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Concepts and business analyses

Our analyses, concepts, and expert opinions are precise, practice-oriented, and dependable. We deliver decision-making foundations for crucial matters of corporate management.

We establish a basis for viable decisions in the form of:

Restructuring Reports in Accordance with IDW S 6

To enable quick financing decisions in a crisis, restructuring reports must fulfil strict formal requirements. Our reports also depict ways to overcome the crisis and suggest specific measures.

Liquidity and Asset Analyses in Accordance with IDW S 11

Especially in a worsening crisis, the executive management must be precisely informed on the company’s economic status to take the right actions and avoid personal liability. Our experts work in accordance with the necessary standards to provide clarity and security.

Due Diligence

We support our clients in full financial as well as commercial due diligence, analysing the asset, profit, and financial situation, but also assisting in financial planning and the operative business, thereby creating a foundation for transaction decisions.

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Further key areas
Transformation & Restructuring

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