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Julia Hammer
»Shaping the Future – Personally and Innovatively.«
Julia Hammer, as a member of the executive board at enomyc, drives the company's future forward with a clear vision for innovation and growth. Her commitment to personnel development and innovation management delivers significant added value to customers by offering sustainable, forward-looking solutions.
Curriculum Vitae

Since 2024, Julia Hammer has been a member of the executive board at enomyc, continuing her distinguished career in management consulting. In her current role, she is primarily responsible for the dynamic development of the consultancy, specifically overseeing areas such as capacity expansion, personnel development, and innovation management.

As an experienced manager who has previously served as COO and partner at enomyc, she has significantly contributed to the implementation of strategic rebranding. She also oversees the People and Culture department, where she leverages her expertise in corporate transformation to develop enomyc into an agile, modern company in the digital age. Her appointment to the executive board exemplifies the continuous process of rejuvenation and dynamization at enomyc, a consulting firm that was recently the only one in Germany to be recognized with the independent Top 100 Award for innovation management.

Before taking on these strategic roles at enomyc, Julia Hammer was deeply involved in performance optimization for companies in the secondary health market at ACISO and served as an interim managing director for companies in the healthcare sector. Her strategic thinking and extensive industry experience have swiftly propelled her into leading management positions.

She is married and has two children, which enrich her personal and professional life.

Achievements and Awards

TOP 100 Award | Awarded as the most innovative SME in Germany

11 consecutive times Best Business Consultants | business magazine brand eins

7 consecutive times Best Consultants for SMEs | TOP CONSULTANT, media partner Manager Magazin

Best of Consulting Award 2020 | business magazine WirtschaftsWoche

FAIR COMPANY 2024 | Handelsblatt and the Institute for Employment and Employability (IBE)

GERMAN BRAND AWARD 2020 | German Design Council and the German Brand Institute