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Mario Trapp
»Visionary for Digital Transformation and AI in SMEs.«
Mario Trapp, as the head of the Digital Strategy division and a partner focusing on Restructuring & Transformation, has a profound understanding of how digital innovations revolutionize business models.
Curriculum Vitae

Mario Trapp's expertise combines deep insights into strategy development and the application of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to guide companies on their journey to digital excellence. In the digitalization sector at enomyc, he brings over a decade of experience in consulting mid-sized companies. His specialty is the interface between strategy and digitalization, where he leads firms to sustainable success through targeted, measurable, and actionable measures.

Mario Trapp's approach is based on the principle that successful digital transformation requires not only technological changes but also an adjustment of corporate culture and strategy. He focuses on demonstrating strategic options that arise through digitalization and supports companies in seizing these opportunities to generate growth and expand competitive advantages.

Before moving into consulting, he worked in project management for a corporation. At enomyc, his focus was on successfully navigating upper-mid-sized companies out of challenging situations and back on the path to success. Since early 2024, Mario Trapp has been a partner and Head of Digital Strategy at enomyc.

With an academic background in Business Administration and Business Informatics, specializing in Big Data and data analysis, Mario Trapp has a passion for in-depth data analysis to tackle business challenges.

Achievements and Awards

TOP 100 Award | Awarded as the most innovative SME in Germany

11 consecutive times Best Business Consultants | business magazine brand eins

7 consecutive times Best Consultants for SMEs | TOP CONSULTANT, media partner Manager Magazin

Best of Consulting Award 2020 | business magazine WirtschaftsWoche