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Ralf Ehret
»Securing financing is essential in restructuring.«

Ralf Ehret

Partner Frankfurt

+49 172 7071026

Ralf Ehret, as a financial expert, possesses extensive and profound knowledge in corporate finance, structuring, and negotiating complex restructuring financings, as well as complete reorganizations of liabilities in challenging crisis situations. Since July 2023, he has been developing and overseeing the Debt Advisory Business Unit as a partner at enomyc.
Curriculum Vitae

Ralf Ehret spent most of his professional career in international finance. For over 14 years, he led the central corporate restructuring at a major European bank in Munich and London, and for another 3 years, he managed the SME restructuring units in Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Leipzig.

As the managing director of a Hamburg-based family office, after his time in finance, he established the distressed investments division, specializing in the financing of SMEs in special situations. Due to his previous activities, he has a broad and long-standing network throughout the restructuring industry and privileged access to decision-makers in the financial sector.

Memberships, Chairmanships, and Commitments

Member of the Turnaround Management Association (TMA) Germany.

Achievements and Awards

TOP 100 Award | Awarded as the most innovative SME in Germany

11 consecutive times Best Business Consultants | business magazine brand eins

7 consecutive times Best Consultants for SMEs | TOP CONSULTANT, media partner Manager Magazin

Best of Consulting Award 2020 | business magazine WirtschaftsWoche