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Digital Environment Analysis

Digital Environment Analysis

Are my service and/or performance promises still relevant today and will they continue to be in the future? Which purely digital players have already entered the market with a competing service or will be implementing innovative, disruptive business models that directly compete with mine? Which technologies will change my environment? With our digital environment analysis, we evaluate the effects of the digital strategy on our client’s industry and service/product range. We hereby gain clear findings to help us develop far-sighted strategies that do not serve as an end in themselves, but instead lay the foundations for a successful digital future.

Our approach:

Technological Impact

Which existing technologies already have an influence on our customer’s business model or demonstrate the potential to fundamentally transform it? We will show you cause-effect relationships and pragmatic solutions.

Altered customer behaviour

With us, companies can gain a clear understanding of which digital product and service elements are already state of the art today and form a fixed component of the customer experience.

Evaluating the digital Competition

We illustrate the approach of our clients’ competitors and identify companies from other industries or previously inconspicuous competitors that are entering the market.


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