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Cost Reduction and Operative Excellence

Cost Reduction and Operative Excellence

Our operations experts reduce procurement costs, stabilise supply processes, optimise the flow of materials, and digitise lean manufacturing processes. This will boost competitiveness, especially for medium-sized industrial, trade, and service companies. At the same time, we will increase your flexibility and the speed of your order processing.

We offer expertise in the following fields:

Smart Recharging of Supply Chain Processes

We implement track-and-trace solutions, optimise lead times and order quantities, and make storage and logistics processes more efficient.

Stabilising Critical Suppliers

We secure provisions from suppliers who are at risk of insolvency and implement immediate measures for supplier stabilisation.

Streamlining Production Processes

We scale down production costs through frontloading, reducing standby and idle times, as well as avoiding unnecessary material movement. Based on plant benchmarking analysis, we optimise expenditures at different production sites.

Efficient Manufacturing

We reduce the costs per unit through measures such as optimising the setup sequence, order and batch size as well as making industry-specific improvements in the manufacturing process.

Lowering Material and Procurement Costs

We optimise product groups, implement lead buyer structures, conduct tenders, and negotiate supplier conditions.

Getting rid of Ballast – Customised Overheads

We uncover unnecessary service components, reduce levels of overfulfilment, scale service architecture in accordance with the customers and unlock savings potential in staff and material expenses through centralisation and outsourcing.



Leverage industry-specific insights and strategies that propel your business objectives forward. We offer solutions precisely tailored to the unique challenges and growth opportunities of your industry.


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Maximize your business growth and secure long-term success through strategic consulting in Strategy & Corporate Performance, Financial Advisory, Corporate M&A, Real Estate, and Digital Strategy.


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