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Mistakes relating to liquidity management and temporary liquidity shortages are deemed to be the main reasons for insolvencies of medium-sized companies. A growing need for funds to finance digitisation projects and strict lending rules additionally require internal financing with an optimised cash flow. Our Working Capital team consists of experienced finance and operations experts. We quickly and pragmatically devise approaches to improve your capital profitability and reduce financing costs.

Our approach to increasing the value of your company:

Managing the Stock Value (Forecast to Fulfil)

We optimise order quantities and time windows in the supply chain, synchronise sales and production planning and reduce stocks and the costs of processing orders.

Shortening Payment Deadlines (Order to Cash)

We accelerate invoicing processes, shorten payment terms, optimise credit management and the dunning process, provide support in identifying potential non-payments as well as selling or securitising receivables.

Structuring Liabilities (Purchase to Pay)

We provide support in utilising cash discount periods, negotiate payment agreements and conditions with major suppliers, enforce longer payment deadlines, and optimise the portfolio of suppliers and articles.



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