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Managing crises effectively: Around two decades worth of experience and the routine gained in more than 1,200 projects have made us experts in tight management of corporate crises. We create solutions, forge paths and find the right partners. We guide our customers safely out of insolvencies – in self-administration or in the form of an insolvency plan.

Acting even before application submission

Insolvencies can be blessings in disguise – provided all the right conditions have been taken in advance. With routine and foresight, we put our customers on the best possible path towards success. We are experts in:

  • Examination of existing reasons for filing for insolvency according to IDW S 11: Late applications can have severe consequences for management. We protect our customers with clear recommendations for action.
  • Creation of a “protective shield certificate” in accordance with § 270 d (1) InsO, provided that insolvency has not been filed for if a company is still solvent, we can provide the breathing space needed for using the insolvency procedure to your advantage for restructuring.
  • Assistance in selecting pre-insolvency legal advisers and other parties involved in the insolvency proceedings: The path through insolvency is complex and requires expert guides to navigate you safely through it. With our proven network of professionals, we can quickly find the right specialists for your situation.
  • Selection of the suitable type of procedure (self-administration, standard procedure): With our experts at their side, customers can keep the rudder in their hands. We offer a helping hand throughout your insolvency application processes, help avoid mistakes, arrange the right contacts and create convincing documents.
  • CRO / General Representative to support self-administration: Observing the rules and legal requirements is particularly important in insolvency proceedings. Our specialists in restructuring will provide you the necessary surefootedness.

Restructuring for what comes next

Restructuring in insolvency is highly stressful. We have your back and provide security. In addition, we take on responsibility in operational processes and ensure sustainable concepts with valid figures. Our team of experts consults in the following areas:

  • Stabilization of business operations even under insolvency conditions: Successful business as usual during insolvency requires specialized know-how. To avoid liability risks and successfully promote restructuring for continuation, this is the only way.
  • Creation of liquidity plans taking into account insolvency-specific features and active liquidity management: Solid business figures provide security – especially in insolvency. We know what is required specifically and can create reliable concepts.
  • Efficient restructuring, even in insolvency, by assuming full or partial responsibilities: Operations management, Supply chain management, Sustainable customer management, Receivables management
  • Creation of business concepts for the continuation of business operations as a basis for the regulations of an insolvency plan (sustainable restructuring ability, satisfaction of creditors, capital requirements) and as a basis for a financing decision in the context of a transferring restructuring.

Distressed M&A

For many years, we have been a leading consultancy for quickly and sustainably overcoming financial crises or exceptional circumstances. Our verifiable high rate of success in Distressed M&A consulting, our interdisciplinary competence, as well as our well-developed network of investors contribute in securing assets for all involved parties in an advanced crisis situation or an insolvency.

Emerge stronger out of the crisis

The path out of insolvency is often accompanied by numerous changes in the company, a new corporate culture and new partners. A well-chosen route and sustainable implementation of measures are crucial for lasting recovery. With our knowledge, gained by us in over 1,200 successful projects, we are more than capable of leading customers out of the crisis.

  • Support in the selection of the suitable type of procedure (self-administration, standard procedure) and the right “exit strategy" for insolvency: Reorganization through insolvency planning or "Transferring restructuring".
  • Post-Merger Integration: Two companies can often seem like two completely different worlds. Integration is only successful with the help of our experienced specialists.
  • Further implementation of identified, economic restructuring measures: The restructuring of a company in most cases is by no means over simply because the insolvency proceedings are completed. In most cases only consistent readjustment by our restructuring professionals can bring about lasting success.


Strengthen Crisis Resilience

Strengthen your company's resilience against crises through tailored transformation and restructuring, optimized debt advisory, and strategic distressed M&A.



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