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Averting crises, tapping into new markets or adopting new technologies – special situations often demand immediate decisions and resolute actions. Interim management offers an excellent option to acquire urgently needed “know-how”. Our interim managers have many years of experience – as generalists or experts. They tackle special challenges in a target-oriented and hands-on way. With plenty of expertise, life experience, and tact.

enomyc has taken over operative responsibility – including as a governing body within the company – for key positions in more than 250 projects:

Board and executive positions

In special situations, our experts assume overall responsibility for the development of the business as a governing body of the company.

Executive positions with general power of attorney

Through our experts, we can also take over executive tasks on behalf of the company without serving as an integrated body – the preferred solution for many companies, as it can be implemented quickly.

Restructuring manager as CRO

If a company is in trouble, mistakes are unforgivable. In such a situation, our experienced restructuring managers ensure that safe and correct decisions are made.

Overall financial responsibility as CFO

We quickly and reliably fill CFO positions with veritable experts. Our interim managers are generally qualified auditors and have many years of management experience as a CFO.

Overall technical management as COO

Our managers possess extensive track records in industrial, trade and service companies, enabling them to assume responsibility for performance-related processes.


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