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Debt Advisory

Debt Advisory

We navigate companies safely and independently through financial crises

When a company finds itself in a crisis situation, unrestricted access to credit lines and other debt capital is vital for survival.

Due to the strained company and liquidity situation, loan agreement covenants and provisions may be breached, jeopardising the maintenance of debt financing either partially or in its entirety. The company is on the verge of insolvency.
In this case, comprehensive knowledge of the loan agreement provisions and the resulting consequences for the respective lenders is of crucial importance - both for the short and medium-term survival of the company in crisis.
Only an immediate reaction to the threatened access to the existing debt capital and professional communication with the lenders enables the initiation of a structured restructuring process for the company.

Our debt advisory experts advise you precisely in this sensitive environment:
They analyse the initial financial situation, calculate the debt capacity based on cash flow projections and develop immediate measures to maintain the debt capital lines. You will develop viable concepts for maintaining debt service capacity and negotiate these with your financing partners. In doing so, they combine a sound understanding of credit with many years of negotiating expertise and their privileged access to all major lenders in Germany.

Our specific debt advisory services include

  • In-depth analysis of the liabilities side and all underlying loan agreements
  • Communication and coordination with all relevant stakeholders of the company
  • Preparation and structuring of discussions with banks
  • Drafting and negotiation of standstill agreements as well as through-financing and collateral concepts
  • Support and negotiation of necessary waiver applications in the event of loan agreement breaches (including covenant breaches)
  • Support and negotiation in the documentation of the necessary loan agreement amendments and close cooperation with the lawyers and other advisors involved in each case
  • Bank-independent support and coordination in the search for any necessary additional debt or equity capital.

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